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Avaaz - Poisoning Canada's water

Avaaz - Poisoning Canada's water
The Avaaz mega-quarry petition has a great response - 3 more days to sign, if you haven't already. Also - write your MP directly.

Update: 8 July 2011
Wow! 70,000 signers in 24 hours -- we have just 3 days left before the public comment period closes. Sign the petition and share this page with everyone! Our call will be submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources and delivered directly to Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey. Linda Jeffrey.

An American hedge fund is about to break ground on a massive mining project that could poison a million people's drinking water and the headwaters for five major rivers. They want to create an open pit deeper than Niagara Falls and decimate thousands of acres of lush farmland -- and we have 4 days to stop them.

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