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Progress of the World's Women | In Pursuit of Justice

Progress of the World's Women | In Pursuit of Justice
Part of the first report from the new UN Women's Commisssion.
In many countries of the world, the rule of law still rules women out

In every region, there are laws that discriminate against women, in relation to property, the family, employment and citizenship. Too often, justice institutions, including the police and the courts, deny women justice. But, governments and civil society are pioneering innovative approaches to ensure that women can access justice

Catalyzing gender-sensitive law reform, investing in one-stop shops and providing reparations for women are just some of the responses that are making a difference. Women parliamentarians, lawyers, judges and activists are driving change and making a difference

Ensuring women are in parliaments, are on the front-line of justice, and are represented in the judiciary and customary justice systems helps women to access their rights. Groundbreaking strategic litigation has been used in every region to expand access to justice for millions of women. Full report and executive summary available at the site above.

examples of recommendations:
Some practical approaches to putting women’s rights at the heart of the MDGs include: abolishing user fees for healthcare, which has been shown to increase women’s and girls’ access to services, including for reproductive health; using stipends and cash transfers to encourage girls to go to school, delay marriage and continue their education for the critical secondary years; putting women on the front line of service delivery to make public services more accessible; and amplifying women’s voices in decision-making, from the household up to local and national levels, to ensure that policies reflect the realities of women’s lives.

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