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Massive Public Outcry to Stop Ontario’s Mega-Quarry

Massive Public Outcry to Stop Ontario’s Mega-Quarry
Building on the Council’s Mega-Quarry Action Alerts, today Regional Organizer Mark Calzavara, along with Guelph chapter members Norah and Richard Chaloner and Norman Wolfson of NDACT, delivered a massive national petition opposing a proposed 2300 acre mega-quarry to Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey at her constituency office in Brampton.
The petition launched by Avaaz, gathered 100,000 signatures in two days!!
“This mega-quarry would destroy valuable farm land, poison drinking water and scar the land forever — all to make millions for an American hedge-fund.” said Emma Ruby-Sachs, Campaign Director for Avaaz. “Canadians have clearly condemned this project and it is up to Linda Jeffrey and the Ministry of Natural Resources to heed our call and deny the quarry license.”
“Between the shocking indifference shown by the provincial government and the pure greed of the American billionaires that bought up the farmland, this will be an uphill battle” said Maude Barlow, chairperson for the Council of Canadians, “but there will be a provincial election in October and we have tens of thousands of members in Ontario - and they love to vote.”

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