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Enbridge Canada-U.S. Pipeline Closed After Crash

Enbridge Canada-U.S. Pipeline Closed After Crash
Enbridge shut down a pipeline running from Canada to the United States after a fatal two-vehicle crash southwest of Chicago. Two vehicles plowed through a fence around a pumping station in New Lenox County, Ill. just after 2 a.m. Saturday, causing a massive explosion and fireball, according to local reports.
Enbridge, in a statement Sunday, called the incident a "tragic vehicle collision unrelated to our operations." Enbridge shut down the pipeline after sensors detected a leak. It's unclear at this point how much oil has spilled, or when the pipeline will reopen. The company has sent its own investigators to the scene.
Local police say all the men were in their mid-20s, and are trying to figure out why and how the crash happened. It is the second time in less than three weeks that the Calgary company has had to shut down part of its system in the U.S. Upper Midwest because of a leak.

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