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Pre-Emptive Strike: Shell Sues Environmental Groups

Pre-Emptive Strike: Shell Sues Environmental Groups
Royal Dutch Shell has launched a pre-emptive strike against environmental groups by filing a lawsuit against groups likely to challenge the company's plan to drill in the Chuckchi Sea in the Arctic, the Los Angeles Times is reporting. The lawsuit, the Los Angeles Time reports, is Shell's way of beating the environmental groups to court, thereby avoiding delays in its drilling plans.
The Times reports that the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, the National Audubon Society and other groups that have challenged Arctic drilling are named in the lawsuit.
(This is Harper's plan in the deal with China) - and this from the comments:
I watched this debate on the Automatic Earth's new website:

I could scarcely believe what I was hearing from the Shell Oil ex-CEO as he was explaining how the USA needs to do to energy what the finance industry did when they set up the Fed effectively taking all 'money' related authority away from the elected government and bestowing it upon themselves.
He is saying the USA desperately needs to set up an energy 'Fed' run by 'industry' just as the Federal Reserve is run by private banking interests.
Mr. Shell Oil blames energy 'scarcity' on environmentalists and the constraints they put on industry in the form of environmental legislation that has governments everywhere gridlocked.
To drill or not to drill, frack or not to frack, pipelines, environmental reviews or a lack thereof, nuclear reactors, nuclear waste storage - the decision to fund alternative energy sources etc etc - all these decisions and more in the hands of corporate 'Big Energy' (Oil, Coal, Nuclear) - (well, yes)

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