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Take Action | Support garment workers in Bangladesh

Take Action | International Labor Rights Forum
Following a series of garment factory fires and building collapses in Bangladesh that have claimed the lives of hundreds of workers in recent years, ILRF and other labor groups have urged apparel brands that have their clothes sewn in Bangladesh to ensure a safe workplace --Today, PVH Corp — one of the largest global apparel companies, whose brands include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW and Bass — has agreed to a  landmark fire and building safety agreement 

Encourage Apparel Companies Producing Clothing in Bangladesh to Join Agreement for Fire and Building Safety

PVH -- whose brands include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW and Bass -- has just announced it's new agreement to fire and building safety in its supplier factories in Bangladesh. Now is the time for other major apparel companies to join with PVH in ensuring that no more workers' lives are put at risk when sewing clothing for export. Show your support for the health and safety of garment workers in Bangladesh by signing this petition, which we plan to deliver to dozens of apparel companies to urge them to do their part to help end the series of tragic deaths in the Bangladesh garment industry.

To apparel brands and retailers whose clothing is sewn in Bangladesh:

On March 21, 2012, PVH Corp. announced that it has agreed to a landmark fire and building safety agreement with International Labor Rights Forum, Clean Clothes Campaign, Worker Rights Consortium, Maquila Solidarity Network, the International Textile, Garments and Leather Workers Federation and seven Bangladeshi trade unions and non-governmental organizations.

We applaud PVH's commitment to a safe workplace in Bangladeshi garment factories and urge all other apparel brands and retailers that make apparel in Bangladesh to join the same safety program. Hundreds of Bangladeshi garment workers have died making clothes for U.S. and European brands — this is an atrocity that must stop. We count on you to help save workers' lives.

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  1. According to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) the list goes like this:

    Cotton PRODUCERS (growers) Ranks - China, USA, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Turkey.

    Cotton CONSUMERS Ranks - China, India, Pakistan, USA, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia.

    Cotton EXPORTERS Ranks - USA, Uzbekistan, Australia, Brazil, Mali, Greece, Burkina Faso.

    Cotton IMPORTERS Ranks - China, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico, Bangladesh

    its sad to see we are on last stand:/
    i heard that izod clothes , one of the largest brand in USA, planning to import cotton raw from bangladesh and its good news for our cotton industry.


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