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350 | Keep NY Frack Free!

350 | Keep NY Frack Free!
Last August, we joined with thousands of New Yorkers in Albany to pledge to resist dangerous fracking in New York State. At that time, Gov. Cuomo was on the verge of opening up thousands of communities in the southern tier to oil and gas companies.
Our show of force helped tip the balance, and he relented, calling on the New York Department of Health to conduct a study on the health impacts of fracking. But Gov. Cuomo didn’t even wait until the study was done to issue a new draft plan that would again threaten huge parts of New York State. We know that no matter what kinds of regulations are put into place, fracking is dangerous to our health, our air, water and atmosphere.
This Friday, the Cuomo administration will close public comments on the draft fracking plan. We’re working with dozens of allies and community members across the state to submit hundreds of thousands of comments, making the case that fracking is bad of our communities and bad for our climate.
Submit your comment today -- and feel free to customize the letter and add a personal message. We'll deliver your comments directly to the Department of Health, and keep the pressure on for a Frack Free NY!

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