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SCOTUS upholds EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gases

Daily Kos: Huge: SCOTUS upholds EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gases
This just in from Reuters:  In an important victory for the Obama Administration the SCOTUS is refusing to even consider reversing EPA on tough new ruling for sulfur dioxide emissions.
This is important and timely with just yesterday the President making Climate Change a top priority in his next term.
Without comment, the court decided not to hear an appeal by Grupo Mexico SAB's Asarco LLC unit of a lower court ruling that upholds a 2010 EPA rule limiting sulfur dioxide in the air to 75 parts per billion over one hour. [...]
"The EPA's efforts to regulate greenhouse gases during Obama's first term have been upheld in court, which is a favorable sign for proponents of climate change regulation," said David Uhlmann, a University of Michigan law professor and former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section, in a telephone interview.
Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA is authorized to adopt standards that are necessary to protect the public health, while allowing an "adequate margin of safety."
Has the conservative court come to the realization that Democrats are not the only ones who will suffer the effects of Climate Change?    

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