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Analysis of: January 4, 2013, statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper concerning meeting with First Nation leadership |

Activist Communique: January 4, 2013, statement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper concerning meeting with First Nation leadership |

interesting point x point analysis of what the Harper communique means:

"   Wowzers... already laying the groundrules for the meeting eh?
Here's my analysis of the spin:
--Improving relationships and strong partnerships between Canada and First Nations respectful of Aboriginal and Treaty rights as recognized and affirmed in the  Constitution Act, 1982;
(through continued unilateral legislative changes which seek to continue the process of eliminating the uniqueness and erode the cultures of Indigenous peoples)

--Building effective, appropriate, transparent and fully accountable governance structures;
(by virtue of funding incentives which seek to maintain the controls upon which the historic relationship can continue to flourish, and to forge ahead with the continued weakening of the political independence of Indigenous people in seeking their abandonement of ancetral and cultural obligations)

--Empowering success of individuals through access to education and opportunity;
(by continuing to encourage generations of Indigenous peoples to abandon their cultural and fundamental human responsibilities by complying with prescribed education standards that are insensitive to traditional learning processes, but sensitive to the needs of current social and economic orthodoxy)

--Enabling strong, sustainable, and self-sufficient communities;
(we wish to continue to control the aspirations of communities in order to maintain the focus and preoccupation of these communities and their leaders upon issues of underfunded problems and their financial control mechanisms, and to maintain apathy and cynicism to acheive the abandonment of their desire for truely self-determining social institutions)

--Creating conditions to accelerate economic development opportunities and maximize benefits for all Canadians;
(so as to maintain the current formula for economic success and enhance the ability of industry to boondoggle and swindle First Nations communities through new, deregulated and more financially profitable measures)

--Respecting the role of First Nations' culture and language in our history and future.
(This is a significant token, actions-have-been-taken gesture because not only is the statement framed within an "our" history context which helps us to disregard that Indigenous poeple actually have their own history, but it will also help us new ways of reinterpreting political "truths" and dogma, and allow us to maintain old denials about the colonial history. As well, this will be an important tool used to generate new beurucratic catch phrases for more reports with which to manipulate or disregard the actual needs of Indigenous communities)
Anyway.... Self determination is a significant, lawful, core responsibility of any society or social group. Oppressive legislation can really only aggrivate and not address the need to be self determined.

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