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Avaaz - taking action on GAP!

Avaaz - Thanks for taking action on GAP!
"....after our campaign caused a media storm in H&M's home country Sweden, they've signed the Bangladesh worker safety agreement!!!

But GAP's digging in their heels. If they don't sign, many US companies could follow suit. Their shareholder meeting is in 24 hours and the pressure's building - let's take this right to CEO Glenn Murphy's door with phone calls, a massive petition delivery and ads in his hometown!

We have 24 hours left until GAP’s Annual Shareholders Meeting begins -- it’s our best chance to shame CEO Glenn Murphy into signing the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Agreement. Let’s flood Glenn Murphy with messages that shame him to personally feel public pressure to sign, bombard GAP HQ with calls and create a ‘social media storm’ on GAP’s facebook and twitter pages!

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