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Tell Sharkey & Malloy Connecticut Supports GMO Labeling! |

Tell Sharkey & Malloy Connecticut Supports GMO Labeling! | Food Democracy Now
ast week the Connecticut Senate passed a heroic GMO labeling bill by a vote to 35 to 1. Tragically, in response, Governor Malloy (D-CT) and Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden) intentionally forced a weak amendment on a House version of the bill that gutted any serious labeling of GMOs in the state. It's outrageous that for the second year in a row that Gov. Malloy and Speaker Sharkey have worked together to stop serious efforts to get a strong GMO labeling bill passed in Connecticut.
For the past 2 years activists on the ground in Connecticut have been working to reach a compromise with Governor Malloy and negotiated with his office in good faith. Now, he has now shown us his true colors. Last Thursday, before any of the members of the House had a chance to read the Amendments to the GMO labeling bill provided by Governor Malloy’s office, Speaker Sharkey called the bill for a vote in the middle of the night when they thought no one was watching, and it passed.  But, we were watching!
We need your help today to make sure we can win GMO labeling this year! With only a few weeks left, we need you to act today!
Pleae send this letter and then make a call to Governor Malloy at (860) 566-4840 and Speaker Sharkey at (860) 240-8500. Join us to help make GMO labeling a reality in Connecticut

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