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Ontario's endangered species deserver better!

Ontario's endangered species deserver better!
The Ontario Government is set to weaken the rules protecting endangered plants and animals, leaving them ever further out on a dangerous limb. Any day now, Cabinet will be making the final decision — you need to tell them to stop and rethink. Please take a moment to call a Cabinet Minister near you.
What is happening?
The Ministry of Natural Resources has proposed jaw-dropping new exemptions for industry under the Endangered Species Act, 2007. In a move reminiscent of the Harris and Harper governments, the ministry is embracing environmental deregulation and creating brand new loopholes for industrial activities that harm endangered species and their habitats.

  • a five-year exemption for forestry, an industry that impacts about 30 million hectares of land in Ontario
  • permanent exemptions for existing pits and quarries and hydro operations
  • ew exemptions for planned or approved activities that would apply to pits and quarries, residential and commercial development, mining, renewable energy projects, hydro facilities, roads and more.

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