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Bearing Witness, Creating Hope: 10 years of @ the Gladstone

Bearing Witness, Creating Hope: 10 years of @ the Gladstone
Here's an event of possible interest. Tickets are about $20, 10 for Rabble members.
Join moderator and rabble founder Judy Rebick, and special guests for a panel discussion on the state of Canadian politics, historical memory, and the upcoming federal election, and stay on after for a reception and party featuring Toronto's critically acclaimed LAL and dancing with DJ b#! Can't join in person? This event will also be streamed live:

Ten years ago, in April 2001 at the Summit of the Americas, the security walls came down in Quebec City as one of the largest gatherings of the anti-globalization movement showed its power in the fight against capitalist globalization and trade liberalization. The independent, progressive news website,, was born out of this sense of outrage - as well as hope for a different path, and for the potential the open internet to change the way news was reported and shared.

A decade later, in an increasingly militarized Canada and concentrated media environment, was out front covering the G8/G20 in Toronto. With you've traveled with Code Pink to Gaza and Tahrir Square in Cairo, read Margaret Atwood in rabble’s Book Lounge, and interacted in live-streamed significant Canadian events that are ignored by the mainstream. From union gatherings, to the G20 Shout Out for Global Justice, to left-inspired fundraisers, music, poetry, and laughter, rabble has been a part of it all.

Help rabble party its way forward to the next 10 years, in this first in a series of events to be held across the country as part rabble's 10th anniversary celebrations. Reserve a ticket now:

And here's a petition from rabble:
Canadians for Tax Fairness launch petition to stop corporate tax cuts
This Petition opposes additional corporate tax cuts which will give billions of dollars to the country's most highly profitable corporations, such as oil companies and banks.

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