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The Grand Canyon is threatened by uranium mining

Click here to tell President Obama to protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining.
Most of the claims filed are for uranium mining.  "Unfortunately, uranium mining can and often does harm soil, ground and surface water. It also leaves radioactive wastes that last for years -- wastes that can and have made people sick. The Grand Canyon is threatened because uranium mining, like other metals on public lands, is governed by the antiquated 1872 Mining Law -- a law which has no environmental standards; a law which makes mining a priority over all other uses of public lands.
In 2009, thanks in part to EARTHWORKS action list members like you, over 100,000 public comments caused the Department of Interior to create a two-year moratorium on mining around the Grand Canyon -- a moratorium that is about to end.
TAKE ACTION: Tell President Obama -- "Don't Undermine the Grand Canyon"
The Obama administration is poised to issue a decision that will determine whether or not the sensitive ecosystems around the Grand Canyon will be protected for another 20 years.
We need your help to make sure that President Obama protects the treasured landscapes around the Grand Canyon by putting roughly one million acres of national forests and other public lands around its boundaries off limits to new mining claims"

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