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Protect New York's Drinking Water from Fracking

Protect New York's Drinking Water from Fracking
New York is a battleground in the national debate about dirty gas drilling called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking". The gas industry is eager to drill, and some state leaders are hungry for potential revenue. But fracking jeopardizes the health and safety of our drinking water and communities.

From start to finish, fracking is an industrial process that threatens our water. In Pennsylvania, fracking has poisoned water with toxic chemicals and radiation. And fracking wastewater -- sometimes with radiation hundreds of times the safe limits for drinking water -- is going right back into the drinking water supplies of millions of people. We can't let this happen in New York.

Because everybody is a body of water, we must protect our health, water, and communities before we allow dirty gas drilling in New York State. Tell Governor Cuomo to choose the long-term health of our water and communities over short-term dirty gas profits.

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