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Save Concord West - in Vaughan

Save Concord West! send an email to Dalton McGuinty before May 11th!

The Concord West Greenspace in Vaughan adjoins the eastern border of the Concord West community. Lying within the Don Watershed Plan, in a TRCA-regulated, ecologically sensitive area, and abutting the West Don River, it comprises part of the landscape habitat for the endangered Blanding's turtle, is home to numerous open-field, forest and wetlands birds species, is a feeding, staging and stopover site for numerous migratory birds, including the Special Concern Great Blue Heron, and for the monarch butterfly, now also protected by the Species at Risk Act. This greenspace is presently threatened by the Ministry of Transportation's plans to locate an intermodal transit hub on this land. Save Concord West is running an email campaign directed to Premier McGuinty and the Ontario Legislature. Go to

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