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CEH: Monsanta moves on to GMO corn for humans

CEH Get Pesticide-Ridden Corn Off Your Dinner Plate
Surveys over the past decade have consistently shown that Americans don’t want to eat genetically engineered (GE or GMO) food. Despite the overwhelming opposition to this risky new food technology, the biotech giant Monsanto continues to impose its unlabeled GMO’s onto our dinner plates.

The latest: Monsanto’s new GMO corn, intended for the frozen and/or canned corn market. This experimental corn will not be labeled, so consumers cannot know when they may be eating a GMO food that contains a toxic pesticide in every bite.

Major companies that make frozen and/or canned corn can take action to avoid Monsanto’s new crop. We need tell Del Monte, General Mills (Green Giant), Bird’s Eye and other major food makers to reject this new GMO corn. Take action today! Send food makers a message that we don’t want Monsanto’s food experiments!

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