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Tweetup On The Horn Of Africa | WFP | UNFP 1pm Aug 11, EST

Tweetup On The Horn Of Africa | WFP | UNFP - Fighting Hunger Worldwide

WFP is hosting a tweetup on the situation in the horn of Africa on Thursday, August 11 at 1:00pm ET. Five staff members currently in the region will be answering your questions and talking about what it’s like to be on the frontlines of an escalating hunger crisis. Join the conversation at
Join the conversation at #HoACrisis

Get on twitter for a live update on the situation in the Horn of Africa from WFP staff members on the ground. To follow the conversation, simply do a search for the hashtag #HoACrisis. If you have a question or want to contribute, make sure to include #HoACrisis in your tweet so the other participants will see it.

We want to get as many people involved in this conversation as possible. You can help us by letting your followers know it's happening. To make it simple, we've provided you with a sample tweet that you can post just by clicking on the link below.

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