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Tar Sands Action: Jane Hamsher and 65 others arrested

Tar Sands Action
Jane and Others Jailed Till Monday, Take Action, Support the Tar Sands Sit-In
Breaking: Central Booking, Washington DC - Jane Hamsher, Lt Dan Choi and over 65 environmentalists were arrested at the Tar Sands protest.

"The President promised in 2008 that when he was elected the earth would begin to heal. Instead, he allowed 65 environmentalists to be arrested and held for two days on a charge that’s equivalent to a traffic ticket, in order to deter others from following our example.
I hope that people across the country will see through their ploy and be inspired by how many of us have backed up our beliefs with our bodies. People from all over the United States and Canada are on their way here right now to join us. Take a stand for what you believe in!"
- Jane.

Over 2,000 people, including environmental leaders, scientists, and celebrities, are expected to join the two week sit-in from August 20 – September 3rd. Bill McKibben, Mark Ruffalo, Dr. James Hansen, Lt Dan Choi and over 2,000 people from all 50 states are expected to take part in a two week sit-in at the White House beginning this Saturday, August 20, to pressure President Obama to deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The controversial 1,700 mile project would carry tar sands oil from Canada to the US and has become the most important environmental decision facing President Obama before the 2012 election.

Sit-ins with approximately 100 people will continue every morning for the following two weeks until September 3. A calendar of featured spokespeople and delegations from across the country is listed at

“President Obama can stop this climate killing disaster with the stroke of a pen,” said environmentalist and author Bill McKibben, who is spearheading the protests. “We will be outside the White House hoping we can inspire the president to live up to the promises that so inspired us in his 2008 campaign. And without Congress in the way, this is the clearest test he’ll ever have.”

What: A sit-in at the White House to kick off two-weeks of daily protest until September 3.
Where: Lafeyette Square Park, facing the White House, before marching over to the White House fence.

Step Up, Speak Out, and Stop the Tar Sands Keystone XL pipeline.

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