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Amnesty USA: Don't let Congress legislate torture or keep Guantanamo open

Take Action Now - Amnesty International USA
Our Senators are on the verge of passing legislation -- the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, S. 1253) -- with provisions that would essentially keep Guantanamo open indefinitely, despite President Obama's executive order to close it.

If that weren't bad enough, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) may introduce a provision that would bring back "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- which means torture.

The US Senate is poised to pass legislation containing provisions that would keep Guantanamo open, further entrenching indefinite detention and unfair trials. The Senate could vote at any time. To make matters worse, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) may introduce a provision that would enshrine “enhanced interrogation techniques”--that’s right, torture—in US law. The implications are staggering. We can’t let any of these provisions pass. Urge Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) and Carl Levin (D-MI), to use their influence to block any such provisions and take a stand for human rights and the rule of law.

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