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The State-Sanctioned Killing of Troy Davis

The State-Sanctioned Killing of Troy Davis
from TalkLeft - a long running site from a practicing lawyer on politics and legal matters in the US.
The article clarifies the sense of abandonment of all judicial principles in the spirit of 'revenge'.

...The murder of Troy Davis, defenders of the act will say, provided closure to the family of Officer MacPhail, whom Davis was convicted of killing with, as people have been repeating for the past week, “too much doubt.” If Davis is not the killer, the family has no closure. The person who really committed the crime is still on the loose. Putting Davis to death just gave the MacPhails and others a reason to move on and abandon a quest for legalized vengeance. And, so, what society and citizens who have no problem with this atrocity are in effect saying is as long as someone can be found to be cast as the convict and as long as the state can carry out the death sentence to the end result, which involves state-sanctioned murder, justice will be done.

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