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Title Fight at Cohen Commission: Morton vs. Industry-Government Juggernaut

Title Fight at Cohen Commission: Morton vs. Industry-Government Juggernaut
Alexandra Morton finally takes the stand at the Cohen commission regarding the coverup of fish farms and disease by the Harper government and investors.
Yesterday, on the penultimate day of the Cohen Commission's hearings on aquaculture and diseases, Alexandra Morton finally took the stand. To say the event lived up to its billing is an understatement, as the Inquiry often characterized by technocratic tedium was jolted to life in its final rounds.

At the heart of the conflict lay the pattern of breathtaking industry-government collusion and secrecy that has characterized the aquaculture issue for decades - to a degree even I didn't fully fathom until now.
Joining Morton and Living Oceans Society's Catherine Stewart (who acquitted herself admirably) on the stand were two industry reps: Clare Backman, Director of Sustainability for Marine Harvest (now there's an oxymoron), and Mia Parker, formerly of Grieg Seafoods, but now of DFO.

as Alexandra says:
Thank you all for the flood of email support. I will do my best to bring the issues to light, but it will be up to you and society in general to decide if salmon farm feedlots should remain on the Fraser sockeye migration routes, whether you want to know if there are brain tumours in the Fraser sockeye and whether salmon farm-origin viruses were responsible for the majority of Fraser sockeye that went missing.
The European shareholders of this industry need to consider the ethics of the situation here in BC (as well).

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